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Bromyard is a delightful Herefordshire market town situated between the two cathedral cities of Hereford and Worcester and some 400 feet above sea level, it enjoys a particularly attractive setting against the backdrop of the Bromyard Downs and a changing farming landscape.

Bromyard's History

In AD840, at the beginning of the reign of King Aethelwulf (who repelled the first Danish invasion), the town was known as “Brommgeard” which was derived from the Old English meaning; “an enclosure where the broom grows” In the Domesday Book of 1086 it is recorded as “Bromgerde”.

The winding River Frome (Celtic for “brisk and fair”) on which the town stands, served the area well for transport purposes throughout the centuries when roads were all but unusable. The railway came to the town in May 1877 and Bromyard’s prosperity grew accordingly.

The charming High Street, leading to the Hop Market (now known as Market Square), has many fine “Timber Framed” buildings peculiar to this part of the country, one of particular note is Tower Hill house where it is said, Charles 1 sheltered on the 3rd September 1644 after Cromwell’s decisive victory at Marston Moor in July of that year.

The beautiful church of St Peter’s with its crenulated tower, is of Norman origin but rebuilt mainly in the 14th and 15th centuries. There is a Font and the intriguing Norman doorway has the figure of St Peter carrying a bunch of keys.

Bromyard Today

Bromyard grew prosperous on the rich harvest of Hops and Cider Apples for which this part of the country is famed for, they are both still farmed in the area today and you can join the ‘Hop Trail’ running along the Frome Valley toward Ledbury.

Bromyard continues to grow with a population today of approx 4,500. The railway has now closed through Bromyard but the town continues to prosper supporting the surrounding rural parishes and villages, and has become the home of some 21st century industry.

Bromyard also features a ‘Public Art Trail’ which features 3 commissioned works of art plus the Millennium Clock on the front of the building at Flowerdew’s.

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